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I'm Dan, tabletop gamer and terrain enthusiast from New Zealand. In 2017, I was about to make a large, expensive order of terrain from overseas. Then I realised I could spend slightly more, buy a small laser cutter and make more terrain than I could possibly want. I got started and a few friends suggested that what I was making was good enough to sell. So, I bought a bigger laser cutter and dove in, designing, cutting and making what is now Titan Terrain NZ.

I believe a good looking wargaming table makes a game better. It can turn a game into a story and rolling dice and moving models into one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon.

New things are always happening here at Titan Terrain NZ. So, if you want to keep up, join us on Facebook for updates about what we've got coming, promotions and new releases. Also, if you've got any ideas for terrain you'd like to see a Kiwi company make or you'd just like to get in touch you can contact me here.

Happy gaming!